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Grant Awards

Recent Grants in Action

Making an impact in Brunswick Schools

"Several rather 'quiet' students came alive for the performance! It was amazing how The Telling Room gave them the confidence to find their narrative voice! Bravo!" ~ BJHS 6th Grade Language Arts teacher Carrie Sullivan



Coffin/Kate Furbish

  • Things that Grow, Beatrice Dahlen

Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • Aquaponics in the Classroom, Erin Deschesne

  • Board Games or Bust!, Jeoff Jarnot

Brunswick Junior High School

  • No More Droning On About Geography, Andrew Kosak

  • National Council of the Social Studies Professional Development Grant, Andrew Kosak

  • Solar Eclipse, Tabitha Dionne

Brunswick High School

  • Downtown Brunswick Poetry Stroll, Eric Bosarge

  • Brunswick Reads, Daurene Jerome

  • Resonance Rising: Elevating the Brunswick High School Band – Empowering Musical Excellence through Album Recording, Brandon Duras

  • Applied Hydroponics and Aquaculture Project, Ryan Bullock

  • Healthy Relationships Symposium, Stacey Vannah

  • Dragon Wagon, Tiffany Jones

Region 10 Technical High School

  • EMT Basic foreseeing the future and advancement in the EMS System, Jay Danforth

  • Ceramic Drying Cabinet, Jean Palmer-Smith​​



Coffin/Kate Furbish

  • Purposeful Recess Play to Support Learning Standards, Kyla Lundquist

  • Can't Rain on My Parade: Pre-K Outdoor Learning in All Weather, Brigitta Valente

Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • School Readiness / Self Care, Elise O'Connor

Brunswick Junior High School

  • Outdoor Courtyard Mural, Kari McCarthy

  • BJHS Student Newspaper, Mike Macisso

  • From Page to Stage: Creating Readers’ Theatre Adaptations for "The Iliad", Peg Acheson

Brunswick High School

  • Disc Golf Course, Eric Bosarge

  • Homarus americanus: A multi-grade level scientific study of Maine’s iconic species and how climate change is affecting the species., Sue Perkins

  • Seeing Sound: Building Community Through High-Quality Recordings and Streaming, Brandon Duras

TREK School (previously REAL School)

  • Expressive Arts: Healing Through Clay Therapy, Julia Fenton-Schnee

  • Mindful Music, Michael Wood

  • Building a Boat for Life, Angel Smith

Region 10 Technical High School

  • Certified Nursing Assistant wheelchair and sit on digital scales, Joanne McMahon

  • Ceramic Studio, Jean Palmer-Smith​​



Coffin/Kate Furbish

  • Kate Furbish Library Makerspace, Diana Marc-Aurele

  • Can You Dig It? Worm Composting: A Hands On Life Science Lesson for All Ages”, Brigitta Valente

  • Ruth’s Reusable Resources School Membership, Kyla McCann

  • Supporting Readers in Kindergarten, Erin Lemont

  • First Language Literacy for English Learners, Heather Meehan

  • STEM in the Classroom: OSMO Kits for PreK-2nd Grade, Ashley LaCroix

  • Equipment to Support Physical Activity in and Play on the Playground!, Brigitta Valente

Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • Field trip to original Popham Colony and First Ship “Virginia”, Lou Sullivan

  • Survival, Maria Palopoli

Brunswick Junior High School

  • 8th Grade #OwnVoices Book Clubs, Danielle LeBlanc

  • Aquatic Habitat Science in the Classroom, Stephanie Millette

  • Archaeology Museum, Andrew Kosak

Brunswick High School

  • Healthy Relationships & Safe School Climates, Andrew Lardie

  • The Sound of Music: achieving a unified band sound through affordable means, Brandon Duras

  • Brunswick School District Speaker Series, Phil Potenziano

  • “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” Cross-Disciplinary Sophomore Learning Project, Brandon Dudley

TREK School (previously REAL School)

  • Riding to Success – The Equine Therapy Project, Julia Fenton-Schnee

  • Staying Afloat – The Skiff Construction Project, Andrea Manousos

Region 10 Technical

  • SMART TV to increase student participation, Joanne McMahon

  • Creative Digital Media, Jean Palmer-Smith



Coffin/Kate Furbish

  • Balance to Biking for Brunswick Kids, Tracey Peck-Moad

  • The World is Our Classroom: Interweaving Outdoor Exploration Throughout Pre-K, Brigitta Valente

Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • Flexible Desks for Creative Spaces, Michael Larrabee

  • Hands on Life Cycle Units for the Behavioral, Emotional, Social and Functional (BESF) Special Education Rooms, Krystal Bray

Brunswick Junior High School

  • Gizmos Simulations from ExploreLearning, Suzi Ring

  • Performance-based education – Hand Chimes, Shari Tarleton

  • XL Poetry Project, Carrie Sullivan

Brunswick High School

  • SeaDragons Club, Sue Perkins (with Kate Furbish)

  • Creating a Virtual Reality Immersion Lab at Brunswick High School, Daurene Jerome

Region 10 Technical

  • Art & Technology of Character Creation, Jean Palmer-Smith

  • Social-Emotional-Behavioral (SEB) Supports upon Return to School after COVID, Barbara Gunn

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