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Founder's Circle

We are so grateful to the friends, family, neighbors and community members who supported BCEF in its inaugural fundraising effort.  With your generous help, our inaugural grant cycle, which was launched in the Spring of 2015, was a huge success.

Lifetime Honor Roll:

We are honored to have received a $25,000 gift from Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Gladys Sakowich.

Business Leaders:

Thank you to Goodwin Chevrolet Brunswick for its $5,000 leadership gift.

Leader: $1,000-9,999

  • Sarah Wolpow and Stephan Bamberger

  • Dana and Jack Bateman

  • Chris and Alyssa Goodwin

  • Robert and Cristle Collins Judd

  • Staci and Dan Lay

  • Heather and Steve Perkinson

  • Meg and Whizzer Wheeler

Sustainer: $500-999

  • Connie Chiang and Matthew Klingle

  • Sarah and Peter Chingos

  • Ben and Mary Dinsmore

  • Daniel and Diane Doiron

  • Susie and Charles Dorn

  • Jennifer Edwards and Patrick Coughlin

  • Pamela Fletcher and David Israel

  • Tim and Stephanie Foster

  • Laura Henry and Vlad Douhovnikov

  • Mary J. Herman Consulting

  • Jane Millett

  • Birgitta Peterson and Kevin Cashman

  • Jennifer Snow and Dave Wilby

  • Frank and Carrie Strasburger

  • Kathy Thorson and Mark Battle

  • Karen Topp and Thomas Baumgarte

  • Becky and Nick Wilkoff

Supporter: $250-499

  • Megan and Jeff Austin

  • Melissa and Mark Fochesato

  • Erin and Nathan Haynes

  • Cassie Jones and Mark Wethli

  • Andrea Loeffler and Alexander Anesko

  • Sarah Singer and John Kosinski

  • Molly and Toby McGrath

  • Lee and John Paige

  • Jackie Sartoris and Steve Walker

  • Emily and Ben Swan

  • Marilyn and Will Wilkoff

Friend: $100-249

  • Jason and Ericka Albaugh

  • Betsy Biemann and Sean Callahan

  • Jim Brokaw and Mollie Sandock

  • Holly and Mitchell Brown

  • Tracy and Joseph Brzozowski

  • Christopher Casey and Kate Kalajainen

  • Fiddlehead Designs Custom Cabinetry

  • Aimee Eldridge and Bill Jackman

  • Rich and Jill Ellis

  • Jennifer Felkay

  • Nicole and Seth Flynn

  • Rhonda and Mike Guptill

  • Kristi and Eddie Hatrick

  • Betty and Ed Hatrick

  • Jerry and Ta Herrera

  • Heyburn Family

  • Lesley and Josh Levy

  • Steve Johnson and Tina Panayides

  • Alex and Darcee Pantaz

  • Erin and Kiran Mangalam

  • Samantha and Daykin Marini

  • Kelly and Linda Matzen

  • Bill and Kerry McQuaid

  • Michael and Sara Nussbaum

  • Keisha Payson and John Blood

  • Jill Pearlman and Paul Franco

  • Ellen McPherson and David Bunge

  • Stephen and Joy Prescott

  • Elizabeth Pritchard and John Hladky

  • Jayanthi and Jeff Selinger

  • Vin and Hillary Shende

  • Kate Stern and Cathy Hayes

  • Matthew Stuart

  • Shelley and Steven Tebbutt

  • Nathan and Rachel Tefft

  • John Tower and Danielle Senecal

  • Cricket and Ben Twiwing

  • WellTree, Inc.

Member: any amount up to $99

  • Anne and Tim Banks

  • Aviva Briefel and David Hecht

  • Karen Budd

  • Nancy and Scott Donsbach

  • Martha Fishback

  • Fred and Hadley Horch

  • Michele and Brian Joyce

  • David and Diane Kew

  • Erika Lichter and Kurt Perham

  • Beth and Benet Pols

  • Jen and Martin Mackey

  • Heather and George MacKinnon

  • Madeleine Msall and Frank Mauceri

  • Stephen Naculich and Mary O’Brien

  • Jane Nichols-Ecker and Jamie Ecker

  • Bill and Cindy Patterson

  • Ann and Allen Springer

  • Pamela Waring

  • Tricia Williamson

  • Kathy E. Wilson

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